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Fishing, Foraging and Fire - Lake : Spring


Coltsford Mill
Date: 20th Apr 2025

Time: 10:00 – 18:00
£ 110.00


An full day course learning the basics of fly fishing, spring time foraging and fire making with plant materials.

Fishing is very much a part of bushcraft and is an especially reliable method of sourcing animal protein when in the field to accompany your foraged diet. Fly fishing lends itself to bushcraft very well as the kit is so minimal. At the same time it is supremely adaptable to both species behaviour and habitat that it greatly out competes the much cruder ‘hobo’ style fishing techniques.

This is a course designed for the novice fly fisher, forager or those that are new to both.


The day is broken up into four sessions.

  • Fly casting & fishing - The day starts with a casting tutorial by the fishery instructors and then the chance to have a go at putting that theory into practice. 
  • Fire and foraging - Next you'll be shown how to forage and use readily available bankside materials to make fire - a vital skill for bushcraft fishing. During the forage you'll also learn about the edibles that have been sourced on site and used as ingredients for the lunch you'll be served. This session will end with a ponassing demonstration - a native american method for hot smoking fish.
  • More fishing - With a belly full of food you'll now have the first of two 1.5hr sessions to catch yourself a fish or two to take home with you while instructors will be on hand to offer help and advice.**
  • More fishing - You may have been lucky enough to catch your two fish quota but if not there's more time... 

Skills covered

  • Fly fishing
  • Fire with sparks
  • Fish preparation
  • Bankside foraging

N.B. Coltsford Mill is a stocked trout fishery ideal for teaching the novice angler and forager basic skills to enable further exploration of wilder places. 

**Booking price includes 2 fish to take home (if caught). If you wish to take more fish then it is possible to pay a bit extra to the fishery on the day.

Day course - Lunch

3 course lunch

All of our one day ForagedTM courses include a 3 course lunch showcasing wild foods.

When booking onto one of these courses make sure you inform us of any dietary requirements, food allergies, pregnancy etc. during the checkout process.



Hot water for drinks will be provided by way of a brewfire kettle. Foraged teas and cordials will also be provided.

What we do not provide is any caffeine, sugar or dairy but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you need to.

Fishing licence

Legal requirements

You'll need to buy a fishing licence to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel with a rod and line in:

  • England (except the River Tweed)
  • Wales
  • the Border Esk region of Scotland

Failing to produce a vaild licence to an Environment Agency Baliff could result in prosecution and heavy fines. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced angler or fishing for the first time.

Children under 13 do not need a licence.

Licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free. You’ll still need to get a junior licence.

You can be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a rod fishing licence. If you are booking this course and haven't fished before then please leave a comment on the checkout page and we will assist you in making sure you are covered on the day.