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About Foraged

Foraged TM is a bushcraft school specialising in wild foods - established in 2016.

We are not a school that teaches you how to merely survive but one that will teach you to thrive. We teach our students about how to spend longer in nature through a gaining a deeper understanding of the natural world and greater self-reliance. This can take the form of foraging for plants or mushrooms, fishing, wild game, sourcing water, shelter... We also teach how to cook and process these foods in the outdoors to enable more immersive experiences for our customers. Because a lot of wild foods have a limited season we also teach how to safely preserve foods for later use. Cooking can unlock the nutrition of some foods as well as allowing us to create recipes to elevate these ingredients to something even more special. 

Without modern equipment, there is a need for craft knowledge to make the items to assist us in the collecting, storing and cooking of wild foods. We teach basketry, cordage, primitive weapons, fishing techniques, fire lays...

Identification is a major part of bushcraft and the natural history skills we teach centre around Tree & Plant ID, Fungi ID and Animal Track and Sign.

Most of our courses are catered and we use as much wild ingredients as possible for the meals we provide. Where we do need to supplement we choose suppliers that seek to work with ecosystems rather than against them.

Most of all we are inspired by nature and we love nothing more than sharing our knowledge.

See you in the woods sometime...