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Spring introduction to Bushcraft


Masketts Manor
Date: 06th/07th Apr 2024

Time: 10:00 – 18:00
£ 250.00


A weekend of springtime related bushcraft and outdoor living skills to better prepare you for your wild food adventures! This course introduces key bushcraft subjects of; fire making (plants), foraging (plants), tree ID, filtration, shelter, track & sign, cooking on fire, cordage and essential equipment.

The location of this walk is Masketts Manor featuring ancient Beech woodland, wild birch and various plantion - neighbouring the Ashdown Forest.


Each day is broken up into 5 sessions consisting of 4 structured sessions and a group cooking exercise.

Day 1

  1. Equipment - Sleeping equipment and clothing
  2. Fire - Sparks
  3. Water - Sourcing, making safe
  4. Foraging - Plants
  5. Campfire Cooking - Dinner

Day 2

  1. Campfire Cooking - Breakfast
  2. Fire by friction - Group sets
  3. Harvest bark and nature walk - Bark and tracks
  4. Rope work - Knots
  5. Cordage - Tree bark

Skills covered

  1. Tree and plant ID
  2. Fire with sparks/friction and plant materials
  3. Foraging
  4. Shelter and equipment
  5. Campfire cooking theory and application
  6. Sourcing and making water safe
  7. Cordage
  8. Knots and ropework
  9. Animal track and sign

Day course - Lunch

3 course lunch

All of our one day ForagedTM courses include a 3 course lunch showcasing wild foods.

When booking onto one of these courses make sure you inform us of any dietary requirements, food allergies, pregnancy etc. during the checkout process.



Hot water for drinks will be provided by way of a brewfire kettle. Foraged teas and cordials will also be provided.

What we do not provide is any caffeine, sugar or dairy but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you need to.