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Covid 19

As a provider of outdoor educational experiences Foraged will continue to operate in line with government guidlines on Social Distancing and Covid-Security.

Covid secure control measures

  1. Foraged events are run entirely outdoors and if a basecamp is included it will be a simple large tarp or parachute style canopy with seating for bubbles at distanced at least 2m apart.
  2. Customers must have a face covering in their posession at all times incase of an emergency or first aid needing to be administered as this is now a requirement by law..
  3. Group booking is restricted to a maximum bubble size of four (to stay well within the guidlines of meeting friends and family) and overal course sizes have been reduced from sixteen to twelve people to facilitate easy social distancing. Please respect this and do not book multiple groups for the same experience.
  4. We will only supply hot/cold water for refreshments. Customers must bring their own mug, tea, coffee, sugar etc.
  5. On courses where lunch is provided a separate table will be used purely for plating/serving. The table will be marked with a grid and each customers square will be marked with their name. After the table is set-up only the customer will touch their plate and cutlery for the duration of the meal. Bubbles will be called up to collect their food one at a time and also to return their plate for plating/serving of the following course.
  6. Where foods are to be gathered customers must have their own collecting receptacles. Specimens can be passed amongst bubble members but not between bubbles or with the instructor.
  7. Hand washing facilities will be provided in the form of Tippeetaps and soap removing the need for a surface to keep clean.
  8. Toilet facilities are outdoor composting toilets which are very well vented.

Covid cancellations

In the event of experiences or participation being affected by Covid-19 related issues customers will receive a voucher to the value of their booking (Vouchers are valid for 2 years from date of issue and are also trasnferrable) under the following circumstances.

  1. The customer or someone in their household has Covid symptoms.
  2. Test and trace have told a customer's household to self isolate.
  3. The customer is subject to lockdown restrictions.


  1. The venue is subject to lockdown restriction and another venue cannot be found.
  2. The instructor or someone in their household has Covid symptoms, Test and Trace have told the instructor's household to self isolate or the instructor is subject to lockdown restrictions and a suitable replacement cannot be found.


  1. Courses numbers are reduced because government guidlines have changed.
  2. Insurance policies have changed.
  3. A suspected outbreak has occured at one of the locations.