The Birch weekend

This is a two day course focusing on the multi-use Birch tree. The course is being run from private woodland at Colin Godmans Biodynamic farm on the edge of Sheffield Forest in East Sussex. Over the two days you will learn about various reasons why the birch is so important to our native bushcraft. 

As this is a two day course on private land you will be harvesting wild food, using fire and knives. 

Subjects covered on this course

  • Tree tapping theory; methods, theory, application harvesting and processing
  • Bark craft;
    • Make a birch bark container
    • Birch tar (therno plastic glue)
  • Fire
    • Starting a fire with birch bark and sparks
    • Start a fire with fungi from birch
    • Boil water with birch firewwod
    • Collection of good quality birch wood - even in the rain!
  • Woodcraft
    • Make a cooking utensil with freshly cut birch wood.
    • Make a withy to transport kindling/fire wood
  • Food
    • Wine/beer making
    • Syrup
    • Tea
  • Fungi associations
  • Medicinal benefits

Day 1

On arrival you will be given the chance to get a hot brew before the first session on tree tapping. Different methods and theories will be discussed as well as their pros and cons and appropriate applications. Then you'll get to put your new found knowledge intro practive as we move into the woods to select suitable trees for you to tap. You will need to bring suitable containers to collect your sap. 1-2litre plastic bottles work best. Once the taps are set it's back to basecamp to have a hearty hot lunch before starting the afternoons activites. The next session is about fire and you will learn about and try different methods of fire starting and mainting associated with the birch. After a chance to practice you will have the challenge to boil some water with your new fire skills. . The day will end with a three course dinner in the evening around the campfire.

Day 2

The first activity on day two is to go and check the tapped trees and collect all the lovely sap that has flown into those bottles... (fingers crossed!). You will then take your bounty back to camp and use a little to make some well earned foragers tea. Attention will then turn to the processing of all this sap and the different options available including making Syrup, Wine, Beer and Sugar. With all of these things fire is needed so you'll have more opportunity to practive your fire skills too. After lunch the topic is birch bark craft with you getting to make your own container to take home with you.

There is opportunity to camp in the woods at Colin Godmans should you wish to do so... we will be!

N.B. Please add any information on dietary requirements, allergies, medication or pregnancy in the comments box at checkout.

Event Details

Starts Sat 21st Mar 2020 10:00
Finishes Sun 22nd Mar 2020 17:00
Registration Start Date Thu 28th November 2019
Register before Fri 20th March 2020
Price £150.00
Colin Godmans
Perryman's Ln, Furner's Green, Uckfield TN22 3RR
Colin Godmans
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