Sweet chestnut

Being able to identify trees and having knowledge of their properties and uses is an important part of the bushcrafters skill set. Knowing weather your firewood is toxic, how long it will burn for, does it split well, is it suitable for cordage, will it provide tinder, what fungi are associated, is it medicinal are just a few of the many questions we can ask when considering a species of tree to use.

On this one day course you will learn about Sweet Chestnut which although non-native to the UK can be found in abundance due to it's history of being coppiced - a sustainable method of timber production. Being a non-toxic tree Sweet Chestnut is ideally suited for applications involving food such as cooking equipment, utensils and collecting/storing containers and is therefore of particular interest to those practising bushcraft or foraging.

Subjects covered:

  • Using hand tools in the outdoors (knives & saws)
  • How to safely and sustainably harvest a small diameter timber
  • Outer and inner bark removal
  • Safely splitting small diameter timber
  • Green woodworking - make a spatula
  • Cordage from tree bark
  • Basket making from tree bark from sheets or weaves


Event Details

Starts Sun 05th Apr 2020 10:00
Finishes Sun 05th Apr 2020 17:00
Registration Start Date Thu 28th November 2019
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Price £80.00
Colin Godmans
Perryman's Ln, Furner's Green, Uckfield TN22 3RR
Colin Godmans
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