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Fungi for food, fire and medicine

Fungi for food, fire and medicine


10:00 - 18:00

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Fungi... often represented as a part of the vegetable Kingdom - wrong! They are in fact a separate Kingdom and as such are an extremely diverse range of organisms from jelly like blobs to hard timber like conks. Explore the fungal kingdom that surrounds you and how the different species can be used based upon their different properties. This one day course introduces bushcraft related subjects utilising fungi including; Fire, medicine, crafts, clothing and of course food!


The day is split into four sessions with two 30 minute brew breaks and 1 hour for lunch.

  1. Mushroom hunting for food and fire - In this first session you will learn to identify and collect both tasty edible mushrooms as well as those particularly suited to the art of fire making. 
  2. Fire making & campfire cooking - In the second session you'll learn how to start fire with fungi using sparks/friction. You'll also learn which woods to collect to make an effective campfire for cooking.
  3. Mushroom hunting for medicinals - After lunch the focus turns to medicinal mushrooms for the second walk of the day. No doubt some more edibles will also be ebcountered...
  4. Extraction of medicinal compounds - For the final session back at basecamp you will learn how to make mushroom medicinal extracts before making your own to take home from what was found on the day.

Skills covered

  • Fungi ID
  • Fire making with fungi
  • Campfire cooking with mushrooms
  • Extractiing fungal medicinal compounds 

3 course lunch

All of our one day ForagedTM courses include a 3 course lunch showcasing wild foods.

When booking onto one of these courses make sure you inform us of any dietary requirements, food allergies, pregnancy etc. during the checkout process.


Hot water for drinks will be provided by way of a brewfire kettle. Foraged teas and cordials will also be provided.

What we do not provide is any caffeine, sugar or dairy but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you need to.