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Autumn introduction to Bushcraft

Autumn introduction to Bushcraft



2022-09-04 17:00



A weekend of autumn related bushcraft and outdoor living skills to better prepare you for your wild food adventures! This course introduces key bushcraft subjects of; fire making (fungi & plants), foraging (fungi & plants), tree ID, filtration, shelter, track & sign, cooking on fire, cordage and essential equipment.


Day 1

  1. Shelter and equipment
  2. Sourcing water
  3. Foraging
  4. Fire - sparks
  5. Cooking

Day 2

  1. Cooking
  2. Fire by friction
  3. Mushroom hunting and nature walk
  4. Rope work
  5. Cordage - plants

Skills covered

  1. Tree, plant and fungi ID
  2. Fire with sparks/friction and plant materials
  3. Foraging
  4. Shelter and equipment
  5. Campfire cooking theory and application
  6. Sourcing and making water safe
  7. Cordage
  8. Knots and ropework
  9. Animal track and sign