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Mushroom Hunting & Woodland Pizza Making


Kidbrooke Park
Date: 26th October 2024

Time: 11:00 – 17:00
£ 100.00


A 3hr mushroom hunting walk exploring the abundance of early autumn mushrooms followed by an afternoon of field guide identification and woodland pizza making.

At this time of year if the conditions are right some of the best eating mushrooms start to put in an appearance. The Penny Bun, Girole, Green Cracking Russula, Summer Cep, Beefsteak Fungi, Chicken of the Woods - to name but a few.

This course will introduce you to the fundamental skills required forage for wild mushrooms safely and with ecological consideration. You will get to explore various woodland habitats at this location under the guidance of experienced forager James Grant. James will show you how to approach the subject of foraging in a safe and fun manner considering the different fungi families and their features to get you started exploring the world of mushroom hunting. 


  1. Mushroom Foraging Walk - The walk will last approximately 3hrs and will cover easy to identify fungi and their companions (plants & trees) that are found along the way. You will learn the different collecting techniques required for the hugely varied species types that will undoubtedly be encountered at this time of year. Any species that are in abundance will also be collected to be used for lunch.
  2. Mushroom ID  - The walk will finish at a bushcraft style basecamp where you will get the chance to have a go at identifying a specimen or two by macro features with the use of field guides.
  3. Woodland Pizza Making - During the afternoon you will also get the chance to make your own pizza using the some of the mushrooms found on the walk along with other wild ingredients.

Skills covered

  • Fungi ID
  • Tree ID
  • Harvesting techniques
  • Ecological consideration
  • Pizza making